Foundation introduction
The ValueCyber Project Foundation was founded in 2018 as the Value Network Foundation.The Foundation is committed to the development of value network projects and the next generation of blockchain application promotion, and promotes the development of early decentralized applications.
The Foundation is committed to promoting the healthy development of the value network ecosystem and promoting the development of blockchain technology from the Internet to the value network, focusing on the following directions:
1/ Proposed development of next-generation blockchain with independent intellectual property rights;
2/ To develop and promote the next generation of encrypted digital tokens;
3/ Through technology and operation, the entrance of digital economy is constructed, and the tools and platforms of identity digitization and asset digitization are provided for the society.
The implementation of these directions will provide digital capabilities for users at all levels of the digital age, including but not limited to identity digitization and asset digitization.
Development route
Put forward the idea of VCT technology
November 2016
Technical white paper writing
November 2017
Open community building
February 2018
Complete the main chain development
March 2019
October 2016
Architecture design
December 2016
Start project development
January 2018
Promotion operation
February 2019
VCT ecological construction