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Who are we?
VCT not only has the general ability to encrypt currency circulation symbols, but also supports debt affairs. It is designed for the collaboration of production and circulation. It can fully express the digital economy system. The ultimate goal is to achieve a block chain platform serving economic automation.
What are we solving?
VCT mainly solves the problem of liquidity in the production process and the collaboration between various links in the production process and among multiple producers in each link.
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How do we solve it?
credit evaluation
Debt-related issues such as guarantees, debt assessment, risk control and recovery are provided to the manufacturing company (real-name account) by the access system.
introduce debt.
The debt demand of the production enterprise is expressed on the blockchain.
flexible supply
The issuance and liquidation of debt to form a flexible adjustment, demand and supply to match, to achieve price stability.
collaboration and circulation
Achieve collaboration within the chain and between chains and chains; assets and tokens are circulated.
Project Service
One-stop service
  • Project consulting
    Community operations
  • White paper planning
    Blockchain security audits
  • Foundation establishment
    Market expansion
  • Official website construction
    Main chain construction
  • Brand promotion
    Blockchain application development
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