VCT Lab Introduction
VCT Labs is creating a test environment for the VCT project to empower the real economy. All parties can participate here, including entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, technology developers, training institutions, media propaganda institutions, capital institutions and so on. All parties jointly explore and innovate the application scenarios of VCT, and jointly explore various solutions, case sharing, and technology discussion sharing of blockchain and real economy, and provide blockchain solutions, training, development, and services such as operation and maintenance promote the steady and healthy development of VCT.
Project Service
Security audit
  • Smart contract code audit
  • Public chain code audit
  • Wallet code audit
Multi-exchange Certification

Obtained the qualifications of many exchanges, and the audit report issued is a safe passport for the online exchange.

Comprehensive Audit

There are as many as 18 audit items, covering all aspects of smart contract environment, business logic, and calling methods.

Professional rigor

Professional, rigorous, objective attitude, and the expression of its results is essential, this is not only the starting point, but also the responsibility.

Code Audit
1/ Code omission (5 items)
2/ Error understanding of language features (3 items)
3/ Code style/external security (2 items)
Business logic Audit
1/ Replay vulnerability
2/ Transaction order dependency
3/ Timestamp dependency
4/ Privacy data leak
5/ Function and business logic are
Executive Platform Audit
1/ Specific version of solidity compiler
2/ Database or other contract module specific version
3/ Common user program
Exchange certification channel
1/ Contract virtual machine
2/ Node environment
3/ Open Source Code
4/ Node communication
5/ Consensus algorithm
6/ Configuration security
7/ Block Chain Browser
1/ Certification and authorization
2/ Session Management
3/ Intelligence collection
4/ Application security
5/ Server configuration
6/ Node environment
7/ Identity KYC Management
8/ Input review
9/ Business logic
10/ Cryptography application
Developer community
Everyone has infinite energy, let the whole human walk on the road of the ideal shining. We build the developer community with the idea of open source, shared, and respectful. Code is consensus, code is law, in this community, more passion, more fun, more partners, welcome to join! GitHub will be open in succession.
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